After many thousands years we are still being Incarcerated, ridiculed ,enslaved, hated and manipulated by the slave masters who smile but prepare our demise silently.
A bitter Concerned Utterance signaling bravery and the diverse struggles that the black nation have encountered for countless decades without change.

"Come make me dash a fire pan them story," laments radical roots reggae vocalist Prophecy on his latest release "NO APOLOGY".
An unfiltered revelation presented on the kette drum beat is a realistic graphic rousing social commentary in which Prophecy brings justice for his people as far as Africa without remorse or hesitation while exposing many secrets and hidden truths.

On this track Prophecy applies clarity of information and dissects the connects of false truth from reality.
Prophecy says "always remember that in the eyes of the powerful abides wealth and control But in the midst of the hypocrisy the truth shall be revealed."

A radical soldier for liberation, Prophecy goes against the odds and speak for freedom, after all for his only reason he says is for the people, Prophecy is determined, defiant and relents persistently saying No Apology to the system of slavery.


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