Prophecy is a Jamaican born reggae roots vocalist who hails from the parish of St. Thomas. He possess infinite spiritual vision, wisdom and knowledge which he expounds and expresses through the medium of his music. This radical warrior is now promoting his masterpiece collection of hits called "The Journey".
The Journey is a collection of 10 of his songs which he will be promoting on his upcoming world tour to share the consciousness and knowledge through a variety of sounds and messages to the people. The album begins with the controversial hit "No Apology" then the musical masterpiece of "Don’t Come Tell Me" followed by the popular anti-violence piece anthem "No Body Bags”, Prophecy next laments correction for politician and leaders in the hammer hitting single "Dem Wrong" The infectious mood of his untamed consciousness continues with a difference with the love ballad of total commitment in "Life with you" The sensual and sexy "New Found Love" thereafter

opens the path for destiny motto "Make it Happen", next followed by the up tempo "Can’t Keep Still”, "Shanty Town" and "How Could I" completes the collection of a masterful radical reggae conscious presentation. This is one of the best Reggae Roots album, a definite touch of class by Prophecy.


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